Series Inventory:

Inventory listing for APPOINTMENTS AND RESIGNATIONS Municipal
ID_NumImageOfficeMunicipalityNameReplacingDate FiledDocuments UnattachedQ#S# Docket Vol#pageMissing
1AuditorWormleysburg BoroughBrown, Ralph R.NR1914.04.08 32…. 
2AuditorHampden TownshipWeavodu, FrankWeavodu, Howard1914.04.17 32.0098. 
2AuditorHampden TownshipGolden, EmoryErb, Elmer E.1914.04.07 32.0098. 
3AuditorWest Pennsboro TownshipDeitch, GeorgeMartin, C. C. (resigned)1914.04.21 32.0099. 
4Tax CollectorWormleysburg BoroughStewart, John W.[Mutoh], William (refused to act)1914.05.21 32.0110. 
5Tax CollectorNorth Middleton TownshipMelester, StuartCornman, Charles C. (refused position)1914.06.08 32.0116. 
6ConstableWormleysburg BoroughStewart, J. W.Stonesifer, James (resigned)1914.06.18 32.0115. 
7Tax CollectorCamp Hill BoroughWalter, H. A.[Ender], Emanuel (resigned)1914.06.05 32.0116. 
8AuditorMechanicsburg BoroughEckard, C. J. D. McCaleb, J. E. (died)1914.06.15 32.0117. 
9BurgessCamp Hill BoroughMillhouse, J. W. Walter, H. A. (resigned)1914.06.23 32.0118. 
10Tax CollectorMechanicsburg BoroughMohler, M. G.Fought, J. M. (resigned)1914.06.29 32.0119. 
11ConstableMechanicsburg Borough Ward 3Wood, L. R.NR1914.11.25 32.0160. 
12AuditorMount Holly Springs BoroughZug, William H.Waller, Richard (moved)1914.12.15 32.0180. 
13High ConstableNewville BoroughHollenbaugh, ElmerKoch, Jacob (died)1915.01.04 32.0180. 
14AuditorNewville BoroughHouseholder, CharlesLehman, Ralph (moved)1915.01.08 32.0180. 
15AuditorCamp Hill BoroughHammond, HarryAllen, C. T. (moved)1915.02.05 32.0195. 
16ConstableCarlisle Borough Ward 5McCoy, J. T. Brown, John (died)1915.04.21 32.0213. 
17Tax CollectorWormleysburg BoroughHummel, Russel P.Stewart, John W. (resignation)1915.05.05 32.0221. 
18AuditorCamp Hill BoroughAskins, H. M.Fox, Charles E. (moved)1915.06.17 32.0232. 
18AuditorCamp Hill BoroughHumer, E. G.Berneker, Edger (moved)1915.06.17 32.0233.