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Defendants' index to Judgment Dockets. Informational columns provided for names of plaintiff and defendant; date Judgment entered; Court year, term, and case number; Date of entry of Judgment and Nature of Lien; Amount; Interest for Collection Fee; Court year, term and case number for Sci. Fa; Court year, term, and case number for Fi. Fa.; and Satisfaction. Note 1: If the document is a Mechanics Lien, "MLD" (Mechanics Lien Docket) is entered in the Court year and term column. Note 2: To determine Judgment creditor and debtor, the actual Judgment Docket needs to be consulted. Note 3. This series continues as "Judgment Docket Index Defendant.

Arrangement: Alphabetical groupings by surname of defendant and therein chronological by entry into Judgment Docket.

Related Records: Prothonotary Volumes 1. JUDGMENT DOCKET INDEX Plaintiff.


Dates 1916 - 1932
Format Volume
Quantity 12 vols., 4 cu. ft.
Location Cumberland County;