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ADSECTUM INDEX Financing Statements


Index to Financial Statements is by name of the debtor (obligor). Pre-printed pages, titled "Adsectum Index to Secured Transactions", provide column information for the name of the Secured Party and Address; name of Debtor and Address; time (month/day/year/AM/PM) for Financing Statement, Continuation Statement, and Termination; File Numbers; time (mo/day/yr) for Maturity Date, 60 Day Note, and Date Assigned; and name of Assignee and Address. 1950-1954 is a handwritten index with instrument number and column information for name of the Secured Party and of the Debtor. Note 1: Financial Statements are also refered to as "Secured Transactions" or "UCCs" (Uniform Commerican Code). Note 2: This series continues as "Financing Statements Index Defendant (1985-1993)".

Arrangement: 1950-1954 index is alphabetical and therein by numerical filing numbers. 1954-1976 index is alphabetical and therein by the Cott Guide Letter Index System.


Dates c. 1950 - 1993
Format Volume
Quantity 13 vols., 3 cu. ft.
Location Cumberland County;