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A variety of original Civil Court bonds bound into volumes comprised primarily of Feduciary Bonds, Court Bonds, and Public Officials Bonds. Information includes Court year, term, and case number; names of obligor, obligee, surety (person or company that guarentees the bond), and "party of interest"*; conditions and amount of bond; processing and approval dates; and reguired signatures. * "Party of interest" is a generic term to represent the person or entity for which the bond is about. Depending on the type of bond, it may be a debtor, minor, incompetent, drunkard, plaintiff, a company, etc.

Bond Examples: Appeal Bonds; Appearance Bonds; Assignee(s), Trustee(s), Sequestrators, and Committee Bonds for debt, as well as for incompetents, habitual drunkards, and minors (Guardianship Bonds); Case in Equity Bonds; Costs Bonds; Foreign Attachment Bonds; Insolvent Debtor Bonds; Master in Partition Bonds; Plaintiff Bonds in Replevin; Preliminary Injunction Bonds; Receivership Bonds; and Sale of Real Estate Bonds. A few Public Official Bonds are present and are primiarly Justice of the Peace (District Judges and Magisterial Judges) Bonds, but also a few for Commissioners and Probation Officers. Other original bonds can be found in civil case papers or specific record series (Guardian Bonds 1855-1878 with the Orphans' Court, Insolvent Debtor Bonds 1750-1860 with the Protonotary's Office, etc.)

Note: Fiduciary accounts of Assigness, etc., often with accompanying audits, can be found in "Assignees, Trustees, & Sequestration Etc. Dockets".

Arrangement: Chronological by fiing date.

Index: Alphabetical groupings by surname of either "party of interest" or obligor (person who took out the bond) with page reference.


Dates 1871 - 1970
Format Volume
Quantity 8 vols.
Location Cumberland County;