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DISCHARGE BOOK Hospital for the Insane


A summary record of inmates discharged from the Hospital for the Insane.

Volume appears to have three sections:

Pages 1-7 appear to be chronological by death/discharge date.

Pages 8-29 appear to be scratch/draft entries followed by a 1913-1919 yearly tracking inventory of

residents entered by admission date.

Column headings with varied completeness for: DATE OF DISCHARGE OR DEATH, DATE OF LAST

ADMISSION, Number in Register of Patients, CHRISTIAN & SURNAME AT LENGTH, Age when

Discharged, Removed, or Died, Color (White/Black/Mulatto), SEX & CLASS (Indigent Male/Female,

Private Male/Female), DISCHARGED WITH RESULT OF TREATMENT (Restored, Improved,

Uninterrupted, On Trial or Visit), REMOVED, WHERE TO, WITH RESULT OF TREATMENT

(To What Hospital, House, or Place; Improved, Uninterrupted), Died, Assigned Case of Death, and REMARKS.

Page 8-29 improvise on columns for other tracking purposes.

Arrangement: Chronological mostly.

Index: Alphabetical by surname for pages 1-7 only.

Restrictions: By authorized access only.


Dates 1899 - 1919
Format Volume
Quantity 1 vol.
Location Cumberland County;