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Individual reports regarding estate taxes during the Influenza Pandemic 1917-1918. Information includes decedent's name, last residence, date of death, and date and type of letters followed by dollar entries of gross estate, deductions, net estate, taxable 2% rate, taxable 5%, taxable life estate, transfer tax 2%, abatement, penalty, amount paid (and date), unpaid amount, transfer tax 5%, abatement, penalty, amount paid (and date), and unpaid amount. Report number, report date, and name of investigator also entered. A "Remarks" section often includes additional information, especially if estate tax unpaid. Note: See Register of Wills Papers: Statements of Deaths for a list of deaths in Cumberland County on and after July 11, 1917 to 1921 for additional information on these estates.

Arrangement: Numerical by Report number. Note 1: mostly corresponds with chrononological date of report.

Index: None. See "inventory" for list of holdings.


Dates 1920 - 1922
Format Papers
Quantity 0.5 cu. ft.
Location Cumberland County;