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Lists of constables used by the Clerk of the Court as working papers to track information: constables elected, oaths taken, court assignments by sessions for tipstaff/tipstave duty (and substitutes), court attendance, Constable Returns received or due, and bonds given. All lists usually include year, name of constable, municipality (township or borough), and the court year or session in which the list was compiled or for which it was to be used. Some lists include other notations (deaths, etc.). Note 1: As constables were elected in March, their term of office ran through the January Session of the following year and some lists, especially those in chart form and/or combining various types of uses, overlap two years. The year of the first entry is used to date the document. Note 2: Similar lists dating to 1790 can be found in the Quarter Sessions Dockets.

Arrangement: Chronological by year and court term.

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Dates 1794 … 1875
Format Papers
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Location Cumberland County;