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Physicians' certifications of births as ordered by 1852 PA Law Section 2 (and repealed 1855 PA Law). Information includes name of child (blank if child unnamed at time of certificate), sex and color of child, date of birth (often with day and hour), name of father, name of mother previous to marriage, names of other living children, place of birth (town or township and county), physician's notes, physician's name and residence, physician's signature, and filing date. Note 1. Most are on printed forms. Note 2: Registration resumes 1894-1905 and then filed with State.

Arrangement: Chronological by filing date and therein alphabetical by last name. Note 1: Dates are in a three unit format:

Example: 22 August 1853 is entered 1853.08.22.

Index: SEE "Inventory" for list of holdings. Note 1: Often different spellings for same name.

Corresponding Records: 1. Register of Wills "Register of Births" (volume).


Dates 1852 - 1855
Format Papers
Quantity 0.5 cu. ft.
Location Cumberland County;