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Recorded copies of the accounting reports (First & Final, Second and Final, Triennial, etc.) of an estate submitted by the administrator or executor of that estate and submitted to the Orphans' Court for confirmation. Information includes name and residence of the decedent, name of administrator or executor (often referred to as "the accountant"), name of attorney (if used), itemized list of expenses, total expenses, balance on hand, oaths of correctness, and court confirmation date. Additional activities, such as proposed distribution of funds, may be present. Some volumes provide reference to an entry in an Orphans' Court Docket with docket and page number.

Arrangement: Chronological by date of Orphans' Court confirmation. In early volumes, each account is assigned a sequential number reflecting their order in the volume. A few volumes overlap in dates and starting with No. 32 (1927 Nov-1931 Nov) the Orphans' Court year, term, and number of the case is provided.

Index: Alphabetical groupings by surname of decedent with the name of administrator or executor (and sometimes name of auditor). Early volumes provide a number referencing the order of the account in the volume. Indices within a volume are discontinued with No. 8 (1869 Aug-1872 Mar).


Dates 1850 - 1954
Format Volume
Quantity 49 vols., 14 cu. ft.
Location Cumberland County;