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Burial/Reinternment Permits provided by the PA Department of Health to the County Home authorizing burial after a certificate of death had been filed with the State. Information on the printed form includes date of certificate, permit number, name of deceased with their age, sex, and cause of death, place of burial, name and address of undertaker, signature of State Registrar for the Department of Health, and instructions along with a detachable form to be given to the cemetery. Note 1: Many of these deceased persons were probably buried in the County Home Cemetery. See also Poor House series "ANATOMICAL BOARD Unclaimed Bodies" that also include possible deceased persons buried at the County Home Cemetery.

Arrangement: Chronological by permit date.

Index: None. See "Inventory" for list of holdings.


Dates 1902 … 1953
Format Papers
Quantity 0.1 cu. ft.
Location Cumberland County;