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Largest section (pages 21-40 and 51-155) records deaths at the Almshouse with name, date, and in many cases cause of death. May also include receiver of body including if sent to State Anatomical Board; whether an almshouse or hospital case; age and race (white or black); military information; burial location including if at County Home Cemetery; occupation; single or married; and nativity. Sections: 1. Pennsylvania State Lunatic Hospital - Harrisburg, PA 1879-1898 2. Commitments of Children to County Home 1912-1914 3. Tressler Orphans' Home - Loysville, PA 1885-1888 4. Children's Aid Society - Philadelphia 1912-1912 5. Indentures 1912-1912 6. Untitled (appears to be indentures or adoptions) 1888-1888 7. Deaths 1887-1893 8. Soldiers' Orphans' Home - White Hall (No dates) 9. Deaths 1893-1898 10. Indentures of Apprenticeships 1879-1892 11. Pennsylvania Institution for Feeble-Minded Children - Elwyn, PA 1889-1899 12. Deaths 1899-1935 13. Patients Sent to Alms House to Await Order of the Court to be sent to State Asylum 1888-1888. Information regarding the Anatomical Board is pasted on the inside front cover and included in some death entries. Information on some births are present in various sections.

Arrangement: Unarranged by activity and thereunder chronologically by date.

Index: Artificial Table of Contents using section titles.


Dates 1887 - 1935
Format Volume
Quantity 1 vol., 0.2 cu. ft.
Location Cumberland County;