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Record of fees to be collected by the Clerk of the Orphans' Court 1908-1911 M. M. Dougherty volume sections include "Orphans' Court Accounts," "Auditors Reports," "Orders of Sale," "Miscellaneous Orphans' Court," "Widows Appraisements," "W.H. McCrea," "County Commissioners," "Farmers Trust Co.," "Carlisle Trust Company," "Accounts 1909 Feb T-1911 Nov T," "Guardian Appointments," "Cases Settled" (with information on Docket organization), and untitled section at end. Information often shows name of estate (with decedent's name) and attorney, type of instrument or service rendered, amount of fee, and a paid notation when applicable. 1909-1911 volume sections include "Auditors Reports", "Farmers Trust Company", Carlisle Trust Company", "Orders of Sale", Miscellaneous Orphans' Court", "Widows Appraisements", (unknown title section), "Accounts", "May T 1909-Nov T 1911", "Guardian Appointments", (unknown mixed section).

Arrangement: Unarranged titled sections and therein chronological.

Index: Unarranged Table of Contents on first page of the 1908-1911 volume. Artificial Table of Contents for 1909-1911 volume.


Dates c. 1908 - 1911
Format Volume
Quantity 2 vols.
Location Cumberland County;