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Petitions by citizens to change or establish the location for holding elections in their election district, as well as supporting papers such as the Court Order in response to the petition. For petitions the information includes name of election district, present and proposed location for the elections, reason for the change or establishment, and signatures of eligible voters making the recommendation. For Court Orders information includes the date, time, and place ordered for an election to decide where the place for future elections will be held. Some Orders include a summary of the petition and an order to the sheriff to post notification of the upcoming election. Other support papers may include exceptions to the petitions, depositions, correspondence, and court opinions on various matters regarding these petitions.

Arrangement: Chronological by year and therein alphabetical by election district. If no date is found on the original document, the file date or Court Order date is used.

Index: None. See "inventory" for list of holings.

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Dates 1845 … 1941
Format Papers
Quantity 2 cu. ft.
Location Cumberland County;