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Original bonds filed by constables after elected by municipalities and appointed by the Court of Quarter Sessions and before they may take office. Pre-printed forms show names of constable, surety, and witnesses; date and amount of bond; municipality to which a constable was elected and the term; affidavit; and official seals and signatures. Other papers, such as resignations, oaths, appointments, power of attorney for a surety, etc., may accompany a bond starting in the mid-1930s. Forms are glued or stapled onto blank pages of bound volumes. Note 1: Constable Bonds 1805-1870 are an unbound paper series. Note 2: there appears to be no volume "No. 4"; but dates in "No. 5" continue from "No. 3".

Arrangement: Chronological.

Index: Alphabetical groupings by surname of constable entered as bonds recorded and with page reference

Related Records: Clerk of Courts Papers 1. CONSTABLE BONDS 1792…1908.

2. APPOINTMENTS AND RESIGNATIONS Municipal. Durham, L. C. constable bond

is filed in this series as #1825.


Dates 1872 - 1968
Format Volume
Quantity 4 vols., 2 cu. ft.
Location Cumberland County;