Series Inventory:

Inventory listing for TAX COLLECTORS ACCOUNTS - Delinquent Taxes
ID# YearDocumentDescriptionDocument Date
1788.01.Image 1788Work paperTreasuer's case against tax collectors w/court year/term/case # and sheriff's costs[1788]
1788.02.Image 1788Unbound volumeCovers years 1781-1788[1788]
1789.01.Image 1789Unbound volumeCovers years 1781-1789[1789]
1824.01.Image 1824Work paperHistory of Treasurer's sale of Adam Eckert to D. Fisher [1824 June]
1829.01.1-2Image 1829ListOutstanding and paid 1828 taxes from tax collector duplicates and writs for processing by Sheriff Peter Ritner[1829]
1832.01.1832ListTreasurer's list of balances due by collectors1832 March 6
1835.01.1835 [Jan]Work paperList of "Outstanding Taxes…previous to present (1835)"1835 [Jan]
1845.01.Image 1845Work paperList of "Outstanding Taxes 1845"1845 May 6
1852.01.1852Commissioners Directive to Prothonotary for Judgment 1852 April
1861.01.1861Commissioners Directive to Prothonotary for JudgmentSouth Middleton Twp; Thomas Rudolph; State Militia Taxes1861 April 3