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Inventory listing for CORONER INQUESTS
ID Number DateDocumentName of DeceasedCause of DeathInquest LocationCoroner
1769.001.Image 1769.03.17Inquest excerptHacket, Williamstruck by falling tree - accidentalNRPHMC microfilm Roll #775
1770.001.Image 1770.06.26Inquest excerptBradshaw, Christopherstruck in head by falling branch - accidentalNRPHMC microfilm Roll #775
1770.002.Image 1770.07.04Inquest excerptBush, George Michaelwell cave-in - accidentalNRPHMC microfilm Roll #775
1770.003.Image 1770.07.19Inquest excerptCarson, Jamesaccidental - drowningNRPHMC microfilm Roll #775
1770.004.Image 1770.08.10Inquest excerptAtcheson, Williamaccidental - drowningNRPHMC microfilm Roll #775
1770.005.Image 1770.08.20Inquest excerptDowney, Danielhorse fell on him - accidentalNRPHMC microfilm Roll #775
1770.006.Image 1770.09.01Inquest excerptMitchell, Jeanstruck in neck by log - accidentalNRPHMC microfilm Roll #775
1770.007.Image 1770.11.08Inquest excerptConner, Annfell and suffrocated while intoxicated - accidentalNRPHMC microfilm Roll #775
1770.008.Image 1770.11.19Inquest excerptNeely, Charlesaccidental - run over by wagon - accidentalNRPHMC microfilm Roll #775
1770.009.Image 1770.12.19Inquest excerptBurd, Richardaccidental -choked on piece of meatNRPHMC microfilm Roll #775
1771.001.Image 1771.05.09Inquest excerptJones, Robertaccidental - drowningRye TownshipPHMC microfilm Roll #775
1785.001.1785.03.28Inquest photocopy from Lamberton CollectionHamilton, Jamessickness - natural causes - sickenssWayne TownshipBratton, William (JP)
1785.002.1785.05.12Inquest photocopy from Lamberton CollectionBraton, Georgeaccidental - drowningNewton TownshipBlair, William (Coroner)
1789.001.Image 1789.11.26InquestWorsted, Thomasfell while intoxicated - accidentalNRAgnew, John (JP)
1792.001.11792.02.09DepositionFisher, Jacobwell accident - accidentalEast Pennsborough Township 
1792.001.1Image 1792.02.09InquestFisher, Jacobwell accident - accidentalEast Pennsborough TownshipQuigley, Henry (Coroner)
1792.001.21792.02.09DepositionFridley, Phillipwell accident - accidentalEast Pennsborough Township 
1792.001.2Image 1792.02.09InquestFridley, Phillipwell accident - accidentalEast Pennsborough Township 
1793.001.Image 1793.03.03Inquest Scott, Johnnatural causesEast Pennsborough TownshipGalbraith, Andrew (JP)
1793.002.Image 1793.06.23Inquest Duncan, Johngunshot wound sustained in duelMiddleton TownshipQuigley, Henry (Coroner)