Series Inventory:
PENSION APPLICATIONS Revolutionary War Series 1

Inventory listing for PENSION APPLICATIONS Revolutionary War Series 1
ID# YearSoldierPetitionerDocumentDocument DateMilitary InformationFamily Information
1784.01.1784List of pensioners Orphans' Court Return1784 [August]noyes
A001.1-3Image 1794Adams, AlbertMcMurrey, Agnes AdamsPetition Widow1794 May 31yesyes
D001.1-16Image 1787Denny, WalterDenny, MaryPetition Widow1787 Feb 20yesyes
H001.1-6Image 1788Henderson, Samuel[Connar, Marget Parker Henderson]Affidavit military service1788 Apr 2yesno
J001.1Image 1786Jefferies, John NRAffidavit military service1786 Feb 2yesno
L001.1-3Image 1783Lennonton, TimothyLennonton, TimothyPetition1783 May 20yesno
M001.1-5Image 1790McFarland, AndrewMcFarland, Margaret W. Petition Widow1790 Dec 20yesyes
M002.1Image 1779Montgomery, RobertMontgomery, RobertPetition1779 Feb 17yesno
M003.1Image 1787Myler, RobertMyler, CatherineAffidavits military service1787 Aug 21yesno
N001.1Image 1778 postNeal, John [Neal, Sarah]Affidavit military serviceNDyesno
P001.1-5Image 1783Peebles, WilliamMcCracken, William + ElizabethPetition Widow1783 Nov 18yesyes
P001.1-51789Peoples (Peebles), William Deposition1789 Apr 1yesyes
P002.1-8Image 1792Piper, JamesPiper, LucindaPetition Widow1792 Feb 16yesno
R001.1-4Image 1787Ross, JonothanRoss, ElizabethPetition Widow1787 Mar 26yesyes
SEE 1784.011783List of pensioners Orphans' Court List1783 March 25yesyes
SEE 1784.011784Woods, Hugh Orphans' Court Return1784 [August]yesyes
SEE 1784.011784Galbraith, James Orphans' Court Return1784 [August]yesyes
SEE 1784.011784O'Neal, Edward Orphans' Court Return1784 [August]yesyes
SEE 1784.011783Woods, John Orphans' Court List1783 March 25yesyes
SEE 1784.011783Alcorn, James Orphans' Court List1783 March 25yesyes