Series Holdings:

1. “Register” on cover and “Register for Hospital” on the first page. Columns for: Register Number*, Name, Age, Date of Admission, Date of Discharge, How Discharged, White (Male/Female), Colored (White/Female), Native of, Date of Death, and Remarks. * Registration Numbers are for 1-438 and sometimes include a page reference. First pages list years and names of Board of Directors, Physician, Attorney, Treasurer, Clerk, Steward, Superintendent, and Visitors. Arrangement: Table of Contents: Register of Names pg 2 Deaths (1878-1883) pg 222 Discharges prior to 1879 pg 255 Discharges after 1879 pg 190 Index: None.1879 July-1883CC - Archives
2. Register for Hospital for the Insane (Asylum) only. Column headings with varied completeness for: DATE OF LAST PREVIOUS ADMISSTION* (if any), No. in order of Admission, DATE OF ADMISSION, CHRISTIAN AND SURNAME LENGTH, Present Age, Color (White/Black/Mulatto), SEX AND CLASS (Indigent Male/Female; Private Male/ Female), NATIVITY, CIVIL CONDTION (married/single/widowed/ No. of children living/Brothers & Sisters of Patient living), OCCUPATION PRIOR TO INSANITY, PREVIOUS PLACE OF ABODE, County, City, Township, or Borough to which chargeable, BY WHOSE AUTHORITY SENT, DATE OF MEDICAL CERTIFICATES and BY WHOM SIGNED, BODILY CONDITION, NAME OF DISORDER (if any), FORM OF MENTAL DISORDER, SUPPOSED CAUSE OF INSANITY, Epileptics, Congenital Idiots, DURATION OF EXISTING ATTACKS (years/months/days), Number of Previous Attacks, Age at First Attack, DATE OF DEATH OF DISCHARGE (Restored/Improved/Not Improved), DIED, and REMARKS. *Earliest information dates to 1878. Arrangement: Chronological with Pages 1-10 by Admission # 1-379 and appears a chronological order for 1897-1910 with information dating to 1878; pages 14-20 by Admission #380-611 for 1910-1922. Index: Alphabetically by patient surname with registration number (incomplete).1897-1927CC - Archives